Package com.devbridie.wizardsandwarriors.framework

Contains the backbone for the system proposed in Wizards and Warriors part 5.


Name Summary
BreakChainEffect interface BreakChainEffect
When a BreakChainEffect is encountered in a result chain, no more Rules are resolved.
CommandParameters abstract class CommandParameters
Represents the circumstances in which a command is executed.
Effect abstract class Effect
Top-level class for modelling the results of resolving Rules.
MutateStateEffect interface MutateStateEffect<in S : State>
Models an Effect that has an effect on a System’s State.
Rule interface Rule<in CP : CommandParameters, out E : Effect>
Represents a piece of business logic in a System.
State interface State
Represents the internal state of a given System.
System abstract class System<S : State>
A System holds a State and knows how to execute commands by resolving a collection of Rules.